Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Finishing Touches

We moved into our house about 3 months ago and we've since been putting lots of effort into making it comfortable and homey. However, there is one room in particular that is being ignored and has kept it's white walls and bare wood floors - the dining room. Perhaps it's because we prefer to eat in the living room where it's a more informal, casual atmosphere? Perhaps it's because we want to avoid the giant window where strangers can peek in from the sidewalk and admire our meals? Whatever the reason is, I found myself perusing the home decor pages of Urban Outfitters. They have some seriously adorable window fixtures that I think might solve the privacy issue at the same time as they brighten the room up.
How adorable are these woodland garden curtains? So bright and cheery!

The Urban Outfitter's website has a TON of these curtain devices. I love the detail!

Sorry I know it's super small! But you get the idea... :)

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