Wednesday, 28 September 2011

All the colours of the rainbow (except for the bright ones that don't look good on your legs)

I'm having mixed feelings about this season's colorful jeans trend. I feel like they’re super cute in concept but in real life I would look like either a pre-school teacher or a clown in training. Neither one is a good look. I figure the only way to incorporate them into my wardrobe will be to embrace the more neutral colors (just as long as they aren't near cousins of the usual blue or black).

Also, I would hate to invest in something bright and colorful only to read in a magazine that the trend is so out the next year. I've wasted many a dollar on fleeting trends (I'm thinking of a certain denim vest that I just had to have, despite the mockery of my friends. I was not a happy shopper when it turned out to only be "in" for about 5 minutes!).

Here are some more neutral ways to celebrate the colorful jeans trend:

Current/Elliot The Harvest Stiletto

These forest green jeans are perfect for fall. They would look equally cute with a pair of black heels or some tall brown boots. I would probably even throw on some Hunter rain boots with them. Although, come to think of it, there aren't many outfits I wouldn't do that with!

Diesel Livy Skinny Low-Rise Jean
The description for these jeans says that they're purple. To me they look like a royal blue. Luckily, either colour would look adorable with a laid-back plain tee-shirt and a pair of your favorite Toms slip-ons. 

Current/Elliot The Stiletto in Grey Leopard

Yay! I couldn't resist throwing in this pair! I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure these would be incredibly cute paired with a baggy black sweater and some silver hoops for a night out on the town. Again... I could be wrong. Thoughts?

Monday, 26 September 2011

Nautical Wish List

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I have a fondness for (some would say obsession with) nautical stripes. The sailor gene has been in my family for several generations so I like to believe it's something that is in my blood, and out of my control.
I've been searching for new bedding lately and when I stumbled upon this duvet cover by DwellStudio I literally gasped out loud. Must. Have. Now. Unfortunately my credit card also gasped out loud and then proceeded to hurl itself off my balcony in order to escape the impending purchase.
So for now I will just love it from afar...


As someone who frequently opts for the familiar, this quote struck a chord with me. Yes, there is something comfortable with knowing exactly what is about to happen next.... but there is something extremely freeing about taking a leap and not knowing where you'll land. 
So, make that call, book that flight, join that club and send in that application!

Tis the Season to Throw on a Scarf

Here in Canada's capital, we experience an intensity of seasons unlike anywhere else I've visited. Winter means 3 pairs of leggings crammed under my workpants and frostbitten fingers desperately clutching my hot coffee at the pitch-black bus stop in the morning. Then, suddenly, summer is here and I find myself sitting in my bathing suit with my face an inch away from my overworked AC unit while desperately awaiting a phone call from a friend (any friend) with a pool.

Here are a few of the things that I am most excited to wear this season. In fact, I better go put them on before winter is here and I disappear under a thick layer of goose down and long johns. Brrr.
These seem like they would be ideal for a good old fashion leaf kickin'
Love the giant buckle!
Ruckuss by Steve Madden
Love this infinity scarf!
Humanoid Loop Antra Scarf (
My Aritzia boyfriend blazer is my go-to fall jacket
I like how this one by WISH falls extra long and has roll-up sleeves

The floppy hat <3
Another season must-have
Free People Sobule Loop Knit Beanie
People joke that we only have two seasons here - Humidity and sub-zero. This probably explains why my most favorite season of all is the shortest, most fleeting of all - Autumn. I love throwing on a pair of boots with leggings and a simple fall dress. Pair it with a bright scarf and a bobble hat and I am practically skipping through the colorful leaves.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

It's My Party Dress and I'll Splurge If I Want To....

Like most twenty-something girls, when a birthday is on the horizon (even if it's a very distant horizon), I begin to dream about what my perfect party dress will look like. A part of me realizes that at some point I should accept that since I am no longer turning 16, I probably should be spending my money on more age appropriate birthday presents for myself (vegetable cookbooks, RRSPs, etc). However, I think this birthday girl should be allowed one more year of shopping for the perfect party dress. Yes, I thought you'd agree!

This sparkly Greek-inspired dress by Parker seems to fit the bill perfectly - it's not too Party Girl and not too Mature. 

No so budget friendly sidenote - does anyone else find when they are surfing their favorite clothing website that the one dress that catches their eye is almost always guaranteed to be the priciest item on the site? Hmpf. 

Thanks for reading! XX