Sunday, 25 September 2011

It's My Party Dress and I'll Splurge If I Want To....

Like most twenty-something girls, when a birthday is on the horizon (even if it's a very distant horizon), I begin to dream about what my perfect party dress will look like. A part of me realizes that at some point I should accept that since I am no longer turning 16, I probably should be spending my money on more age appropriate birthday presents for myself (vegetable cookbooks, RRSPs, etc). However, I think this birthday girl should be allowed one more year of shopping for the perfect party dress. Yes, I thought you'd agree!

This sparkly Greek-inspired dress by Parker seems to fit the bill perfectly - it's not too Party Girl and not too Mature. 

No so budget friendly sidenote - does anyone else find when they are surfing their favorite clothing website that the one dress that catches their eye is almost always guaranteed to be the priciest item on the site? Hmpf. 

Thanks for reading! XX

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